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Juniors  / mixed age & ability 8pm-8.50pm

What to expect:


Mixed classes are suitable for all from 8 - 80 years old.


Our objective is to use traditional and modern Kung Fu training methods to help people get fitter and healthier.


Classes start with a variety of cardio warm up and light stretches.

Followed by strength training, body weight and flexibility exercises.


The building blocks of traditional Gong Fu are basics.

So you will practice stances to improve posture and balance, followed by various arm and leg techniques.

Classes will involve solo as well as partner work, practicing a variety of conditioning exercises to strengthen bones, muscle and sinews.


All classes include Dao Yin which translates as "internal way". These are ancient Chinese exercises that relax and strengthen the body & mind.

Finally class will generally complete with Qi Gong; "energy work".


Once students have developed some strength, flexibility and technique they will be encouraged to learn more Kung Fu.

This includes empty hands forms, weapons and both traditional & modern methods of sparring.




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