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Adult beginners only 9pm - 10pm

What to expect:


Adult beginner kung fu fitness classes are for over 18's only.

Our objective is to use traditional and modern Kung Fu training methods to help people get fitter and healthier.


If you're an adult who hasn't done any exercise in years then our adults only class is specifically aimed at YOU.


There are no children & no one watching the class.


It is an environment where an individual can improve their health, lose some weight and rediscover some of what they think may have gone forever.


There is no ego allowed, but you will be encouraged to work your body safely and within your limits, guided by an experienced teacher/coach who understands where you are and what we all need as we get older.



Although your teacher is first aid qualified, he is not a doctor and would rather not have to administer CPR during a group training session. Therefore it is recommended that if you have any medical condition or have not been active in years to have a check up by your GP prior to starting training with us.

We are adults so have to take some responsibility for ourselves.


Having a medical checkup then joining our class will improve your health and overall well being.





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