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Joining our Kung Fu club. 


Getting healthier with Kung Fu is simple.

Just call the number shown, have a chat with the instructor about what you would like to achieve and arrange to come along to your first lesson.


Your first lesson will cost only £5.00

You may either join the mixed age group or adults only.

If following  your first lesson you and the instructor are both happy for you to continue training, a weekly 1 hour lesson will cost £10.00

To participate in both classes the cost will be £15.00

There is no requirement to sign a direct debit or pay quarterly, however if you would like to pay for your training monthly then that can be arranged for a flat fee of £40.00 per month for 1 lesson per week or £60 per month for 2.


Lau Gar Kung Fu can be physically demanding.

It is both a martial art training method and a means to improve health, therefore there is a certain amount of effort required and expected to participate fully and gain the benefits.

In addition there is some contact involved between the teacher and students, and student to student. This being so there is an annual charge to cover indemnity insurance and your student licence, which includes personal third party insurance in the event of injury during practice.

Insurance and licencing is provided through full membership of the British Kung Fu Association.


Because of both Chinese tradition and health & safety reasons we do not train in bare feet.

We suggest light training shoes, school plimsolls or Feiyue martial arts shoes etc.

Cotton or plastic soled Kung fu slippers are not recommended.

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